Never been part of a Weekly Food Box program before? Find out what others have to say about their experience once they began receiving weekly shares of fresh, local food.

I love that Yellowbird is working with area farms to produce fresh food items that taste great. I’ve participated in CSA’s before but always have a hard time picking up on Saturdays due to my schedule. Being able to pick up during the week works great and I especially loved the ‘market style’ that was offered for the Fall share, I know it requires a little extra ‘person power’ on your part for someone to set up the ez-up and be on site for 2 hours but I hope you will continue to offer it for future growing seasons. The weekly emails with storage tips and recipes were great too, especially with some of the food items that I hadn’t used before but are my new favorites (rutabaga gratin anyone?). -Tracy

Yellowbird is the first CSA program my wife and I have been a part of and we loved it! Beautiful heirloom varieties of all types of produce all delicious. We even got to try some veggies we’ve never had before. Well done YB, see you in the spring! – Phil

Love working with Yellowbird Foodshed. The team is great! The fact that it’s all locally sourced is a great asset to the community and the weekly emails with recipes really puts them ahead of any Food Box program I’ve ever participated in. I wanted a bit more variety in the weekly boxes….but am fairly certain as they grow and have more farms participating this will happen. Everyone should join! – Elizabeth

Because of Yellowbird Foodshed I’ve learned what a Food Box is all about. Each week I get so excited to go to the grocery store to pick up my local and organic farm fresh goods! In addition, they have provide awesome customer experience and give wonderful tips on produce. I highly recommend giving it a try. Mark my words you will not be disappointed. -Chelsea

The vegetables are are peak freshness. I love to cook and quality ingredients are important for the best outcome with my cooking. Being a subscriber encourages our family to try new vegetables and new recipes. -Mary

YB was our first Food Box experience, and we are sold! High quality local produce, preparation tips, and easy pick up. Loved it! -Ashley

Our family eagerly awaits our Yellowbird box every Friday… wondering how we’ll use our share, which always involves something we’ve never cooked with. How we’ve used the Yellowbird produce leads to great conversation at the dinner table and beyond!
In addition to feeling great about eating produce that is grown in good conscience, we are also thrilled to support local family farms! – Jay

Yellowbird was great! Our family looked forward to our box of produce each week. -Jennifer

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yellowbird Foodshed! The experience from the customer service to the quality, variety and quantity of the foods provided has been exceptional! I’m definitely hooked! Thanks Yellowbird!! -Sandy

We love receiving our weekly box of veggies! Each item is fresh and high quality. The large share easily feeds our family’s veggie needs for the week. We’ve already signed up to continue with the summer share. -Jessica

Liked the market style a lot and the opportunity to be able to pick things that I knew I would use in that week. Liked the storage tips and recipe ideas in the weekly newsletter. -Weekly Food Box share member

Want to know
Who Grew Your Food?!

The Yellowbird Foodshed wants everyone to ask where their food is coming from and how it was raised. Our Weekly Food Box program offers complete traceability from field to fork so you will know exactly which farmer to thank! Find out more and join a community that cares about building a sustainable food system for Columbus, Ohio.